• To be eligible for admission candidates should ensure that they have a reasonably sound background both in Islamic learning and practice.

  • Application for admission should be made only if they have a positive zeal to learn, imbibe and practice the Deen.

  • Admission to the Madrasah is at the sole discretion of the Principal. The Principal shall not be obliged to provide any reason for refusal of admission.

  • Prior to acceptance, all applicants are to fill in the application form with special focus on prior learning and existent skills.

  • In order to be granted admission, every student and her parent/guardian must sign the admission form and the code of conduct, accepting all the rules of the Madrasah.

  • Applicants are also expected to present proof of prior qualifications - such as a school or Madrasah report. Telephone numbers and other such contact information of schools, universities or Islamic institutions previously attended should also be provided to facilitate claim verification and allow examiners to ascertain prior history.

  • Character references by religious leaders and others must also be accompanied by the necessary contact information. Students from other institutes will have to submit a certificate of good conduct from the previous institute.

  • For entry into the Madrasah, applicants are expected to possess a basic proficiency in the recital of the Quran. Applicants who are unable to recite the Quranic text, are usually redirected to sister institutes that focus on the basics.

  • No student will be admitted without an examination and a pass mark of 55% must be achieved in the examination.

  • Applicants should also be no younger than 15 years of age. Exceptions may be made in all the above should special circumstances prevail.

  • In the event that applicants wish to enter any year other than the 1st year, they will be subjected to testing on the work done in lower years. Ideally, applicants should then be familiar with the subjects and curriculum of lower years as testing will be on these subjects in accordance with our own curriculum. Exceptions may be made in the event that applicants are able to prove mastery of subjects done in lower years via testing.

  • Admission will only be accepted up to the first week after commencement of the term.