General Information


The Madrasah has two main faculties of Study:

  1. Hifdhul‐Qur’an ‐ The Memorization of The Qur’an al‐Kareem.
  2. Aalimiyah ‐ Study of Islamic Jurisprudence and Sciences.


The head of the institution is Mufti Ismail Abdul Rahim Moosa.

There are 5 teachers in the Hifzul‐Qur’an faculty and 11 lecturers in the Aalimiyyah faculty.

The institute currently has a role of 350 students, with 100 local students and the remainder from 56 Countries. 30 students are studying to become Hafidhah whilst the remainder of the students are studying to become Female Scholars.


Since inception, with the Tawfiq of Allah Ta’ala, the Madrasah has produced 200 Hafidhahs and over 1000 Female Scholars.