Code of Conduct


1.      Every student is bound to the rules and regulations of the Madrasah.

2.      The Principal may, in his sole and absolute discretion, temporarily suspend any student for un-Islamic behaviour or any other offence. The suspended student must leave the Madrasah premises immediately. The Madrasah will not be liable to provide and arrange the necessary means of transport. Should she wish to be reinstated, a written representation could be made to the Principal. The suspension notice will be sent to their parents as well. Any student suspended or expelled will not be entitled to enter the Madrasah.

3.      As the morals, character and practical life of the students is the responsibility of the principal and staff of the Madrasah, they have the full right to enforce discipline.

4.      Bad behaviour in any form, violating any of the laws of Shari’ah and being disrespectful to any Ustaadh (teacher), Naazim (supervisor) or any other employee of the Madrasah will result in severe punishment or expulsion, especially behaviour of such a nature that brings the Madrasah into disrepute.

5.      Speaking rudely or harshly, refusing to obey a legitimate instruction and being obstinate will also be regarded as disrespect. The determination of bad behaviour will be in the sole discretion of the Principal or anyone appointed by him.

6.      If any student is found to be incompatible with the values of the institute or its aims and objectives, she may be expelled on such grounds.

7.      If any parent has any issue which they deem necessary to be discussed, they are welcome to contact the administration of the Madrasah and take the matter forward. Parents may also be approached to discuss behavioural or academic issues regarding their daughters.

8.      Any rule contained may be changed or varied at any time. Such changes and variations will be binding upon students immediately after being informed regarding them. Likewise, any additional rules which may be made will also be binding on all students. A student may obtain a copy of the disciplinary code at any time from the office.


1.      Students must strictly adhere to the timetable of the Madrasah with regards to time and place.

2.      No student is allowed to remain absent from class, mutaala’ah (night studying) or other Madrasah programmes without a valid reason.

·         Students are to seek permission from the office if the need for absenteeism arises.

·         Students are to revise for the full duration of the Mutaala’ah (night studying).

3.      Loitering is a grave offence and serious repercussions will follow. 

4.      Students may not miss any examinations without a valid reason, for that will be regarded as a serious offence, whereupon the student may be suspended or other disciplinary action taken. This could also result in the student having to repeat the same class again.

5.      After the commencement of the first year, if a student is unable to read Qur’aan well or lacking in a certain area, she will be placed in the I’dadiyah class for the year and will recommence class one the following year.

6.      A student may be asked to repeat a year if they have not produced the desired results or are deemed unfit by consultation of teachers and complying is necessary as it is in the best interest of the student.

7.      If a student in the final year misses a part of the year with the consent of the office due to a valid reason, she will require to attend classes the following year until she has completed her lessons completed, only thereafter will she receive her completion certificate.

8.      Supplementary examinations will be written by the student who fails to participate in the examination due to a valid reason which should first be approved by the office.

9.      Every student must be present in the Jamaat Khanah (Salaah Hall) at least 5 minutes, before the Fardh Salaah in order to perform her Sunnah Salaah adopting total silence, so that punctuality can be achieved.

10.  A student who neglects her Salaah deliberately will be expelled after 3 warnings.

11.  Students must be present at the Madrasah by Maghrib time, the night before Madrasah opens and will not be allowed to leave before the closing time of the Madrasah as announced by the Principal.

12.  Students may not go to their friends’ or any non-mahram’s home under any circumstances.

13.  Students may only go out of the Madrasah with their mahrams, whether it may be a day or for the holidays.

14.  On Sundays, students will be allowed to leave the Madrasah with permission from the office. They may leave after 9 am and must return before Maghrib.


1.      The allocation of rooms and places will be the sole prerogative of the Madrasah.

2.      Students must adhere to the room, beds and seats allocated to them at all times.

3.      No person will be allowed into the boarding by the students without prior permission from the office.

4.      Valuable items should not be brought to the Madrasah. However, if brought, they should be deposited in the office for safekeeping. Students should not keep any valuable items with them, as they themselves will be responsible for these, and the Madrasah will not be held liable for the loss of these valuable items.

5.      Students are prohibited from smoking, drinking any alcoholic beverages, and/or possessing, using or trading in any illegal drugs. If a student is found guilty of any of the above she will be suspended or expelled.

6.      Students may not bring mobile phones, smartwatches, Mp3 players, I-pods, I-pads, tablets, laptops, radios, televisions, or any electronic devices of any sort to Madrasah. Computer games, guns, dangerous weapons, un-Islamic newspapers, novels and any other un-Islamic literature, etc. are also not allowed. If any of the above items are found in the possession of a student, it will be confiscated and not returned and the student will be expelled. However, Islamic books in accordance with the Madrasah/Shari’ah are permitted and recommended.

7.      Students must safeguard the property of the Madrasah (buildings, furniture. etc.). They/ their parents will be liable for any damage caused willfully or as a result of gross neglect. Students must be thrifty in the use of water and electricity. Deliberate wastage will not be tolerated.

8.      Dressing must be strictly according to Shari’ah and Sunnah. No western style / revealing / sleeveless clothing / pajamas, jeans, t-shirts, unnecessary piercings, trousers above the ankle, etc. will be permitted. Clothing with photos or pictures or those which resemble that of men will also not be allowed.

9.      Students must keep their hair long. Short hair and western-style haircuts will not be permitted. Students are not permitted to cut or dye their hair. Failure to comply with this will result in serious repercussions.

10.  All the students clothing must be clearly marked with her name.

11.  Cleanliness of the rooms is the responsibility of the students. Each student is required to clean up after herself and to fulfil the room duties allocated to her by the Ameerah of the room.

12.  The Principal, teachers, supervisors and officials of the Madrasah have the full right to check on the students, their presence, their activities and go through their personal belongings, at any time of the day or night, for the purposes of discipline or maintaining behavioural standards.

13.  Medical conditions: If a student has any medical condition, whether serious or not, the Madrasah must be informed regarding such a matter at the time of admission or occurrence.

14.  If the medical condition is contagious, the Madrasah has the right to send the student home until the issue has been resolved.


1.      Students must promise that they will live with Islamic sisterhood, good character and kindness with roommates, fellow students and Ustaadhs and that they will act on the rules and regulations of the Madrasah and spend their time and energy in Islamic activities.

2.      If a teacher/s feel that a student is not producing the necessary results/behaviour, then after consultation, parents will be requested to advise the student, and if to no avail, parents will be asked to remove them from the Madrasah.

3.      Students must not instigate each other on any matter, form any groups or undermine the interests of the Madrasah. They should instead, encourage each other in good work and act in the interests of the Madrasah.

4.      Students may not give any interviews on radio stations, television programmes, newspapers or magazine, etc.

5.      Students must not fight (physical as well as quarrelling) or be vulgar amongst themselves. All complaints must be lodged with the Principal or any complaints committee established by her. The decisions of the complaints committee will be final.

6.      Borrowing of articles amongst students will not be allowed.

7.      Theft, be it big or small, will not be tolerated. If a student is caught for theft, she will be severely punished or expelled.

8.      Students may not have any contact or telephonic conversations except with their mahram family members. Only one phone call is permitted every third week.

9.      Students must strictly adhere to Islamic dress, inside and outside the Madrasah. If students are found not dressed appropriately, they will be reprimanded or suspended. Students are required to adorn the Burqa’ and Niqaab when leaving and returning to the Madrasah.

10.  All students should refrain from all sins and evil habits and try to adopt Taqwa (piety).


Students who fail to return to Madrasah on time:

  1. Parents will be required to contact the Madrasah and excuse their daughter’s late-coming and thereafter, the administration will decide the way forward.
  2. The student will also not be allowed to attend lessons for the duration of time/days they have arrived late unless decided otherwise.
  3. Foreign students who return later than 3 days after the opening of the Madrasah could have their visas revoked.