Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation and meals are provided at the premises of the institute, the cost of which is included in the fees.
Meals are provided three times a day as per the usual breakfast, lunch and supper.
Accommodation is usually shared by other students and can amount to up to 10 students per room in large rooms and 6 in smaller rooms, every room comprising of its own ablution, bathroom and toilet facility.

Students are advised to bring along their own bedding.

All other expenses are to be borne by the applicant and the institute assumes no responsibility whatsoever for its provision.
This can include as diverse financial needs as toiletry, traveling expenses, textbooks and stationery.
Emergency needs will however be provided as per the discretion of the institute for which it will have to be reimbursed.

Kitchen and Dining Hall:

The Madrasah provides for three meals. Breakfast usually consists of a variety of cereals, bread, butter and jam served with tea.
Lunch usually consists of a variety of rice dishes served with a variety of curries, some that consist of lentils (Dhal) and Curd (Kari), and comprise of chicken, mutton or fish. 
Various types of curries are served with a type of carb for supper.


The Madrasah has a privately run tuck‐shop on the premises which sells fast foods such as  pies, cold drinks, sweets, chocolates as well as house hold items and necessities.
The tuck‐shop opens at lunch, after Asr and after Esha (night prayer).


The Madrasah offers a laundry service for the benefit of the students.
All clothing should be tagged and clearly labelled with the name of the student in legible ink.
No dry‐cleaning service is provided.


Pocket money may be handed to the office with instructions as to how the money is to be dispersed. This is advanced on a weekly basis. Pocket money could be forwarded to the office by means of EFT.
Valuable items should not be brought to the Madrasah.
However, if brought, they should be deposited in the office for safekeeping. Students should not keep any valuable items with them, as they themselves will be responsible for these, and the Madrasah will not be held liable for the loss of these valuable items.

Dress Code:

Dressing must be strictly according to Shari’ah and Sunnah. No western-style clothing, jeans, t-shirts etc. will be permitted. Clothing with photos or pictures will not be allowed.
Students must strictly adhere to Islamic dress, inside and outside the Madrasah. If students are found dressed inappropriately, they will be reprimanded or suspended.
Students must wear the Niqaab (veil) at all times when leaving the Madrasah premises.


Letters, parcels etc. may be sent to the postal address of the Madrasah. Please ensure that the parcels are securely packed and clearly labelled.