Guidelines of Requirements

A guide to what the student should bring with her:

    • Copy of Students Birth Certificate, Id or Passport.
    • Copies of Parents’ Id or Passport.
    • Bedding, Pillows, Duvet, Fitted Sheet Etc.
    • Blanket
    • Hangers
    • Toiletries and washing powder
    • Miswaaks, surma and tasbeeh
    • Snacks – Goodies to Eat
    • Stationery
    • Cover (For Books and Notebooks)
    • 8*A5 Notebooks (Applicable to the 1st year)
    • 2*A4 Notebooks (Applicable to the 1st year)
    • School Bag
    • Own eating utensils – One cup, plate, bowl, Mug, cutlery, etc. (preferably plastic or steel)
    • Padlocks (For Bags & Lockers)
    • Towels, at least, two bath and two hand towels.
    • Sandals and socks
    • Uniforms (Must be Purchased from Madrasah)
    • Abayas, White and Black Burqas, Scarves
    • Jerseys with no fancy writing, scarves shawl and gloves.
    • Warm vests for winter and some for summer.
    • Sleep Shirts, Pyjamas (Must Be Knee Length)
    • Spending Money, Kitaab’s Money


Kindly mark your belongings clearly with your name.