Visitors / Weekends off


No males are permitted to enter the Madrasah.

Visiting will only be allowed by Females and Validated Mahrams.

Visiting Times:

    • Daily between:
      11am – 12pm
      Asr – Maghrib
    • Sundays:
      9am – Maghrib       


Sundays Off:

On Sundays, students will be allowed to leave the Madrasah with permission from the office. They may leave anytime after Fajr and must return before Maghrib. Students may only go out of the Madrasah with their validated Mahrams, whether it may be a day or for the holidays.

Weekends off:

  1. Times: Students will be allowed to leave the Madrasah from 2pm onwards, on the last Saturday of every month, and return as per normal on Sunday before Maghrib.
  2. Students will be subject to detention for late-coming, unless with a validated excuse.
  3. Leaving the Madrasah any time before 2pm is not allowed.
  4. In the instance where parents/ validated guardians are unable to pick students up, the Madrasah will continue providing for them as per normal.
  5. Exam Weekends: In the instance where exams coincide with the end of the month, students are then requested to remain in Madrasah during exam weekends in order to prepare for the upcoming exams well. Sundays are included in this clause.
  6. As the last Saturday night of every month is designated for students to take the night off, students will be strictly prohibited from taking any other Saturday nights off.
Students must wear the Niqaab (veil) at all times when leaving the Madrasah premises.