Sponsor a Student

It is with the support and generous donations of the Muslim Community that the Madrasah has been able to provide various services. The nature of our work is such that one will earn Thawaab-e-Jaariyah (perpetual reward), which continues even after one has passed away from this world. This will help in one’s moment of greatest need – in the Hereafter. Any contribution you are able to make in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

To this end, we request your noble selves to kindly consider us in your Lillah, Zakaat and other monies. It is mentioned in a Hadith that Allah has chosen special servants of His in order to fulfill the needs of other people. People are dependent on such special servants for the fulfillment of their needs. These special servants who fulfill the needs of poor people will be saved from the punishment of Allah.

We would like people to commit themselves to making regular monthly contributions, no matter how small. This is an opportunity for each one of us to make a perpetual investment for the Akhirah (Hereafter), Insha’Allah. May Allah reward you well.

We encourage each and every Muslim to make his/her child a Hafidh and if for some reason this is not possible, the least one can do is to sponsor a student of Deen. Any person wishing to participate in this noble scheme may contact the Madrasah.

The cost of sponsoring a student is 1900.00 ZAR per lunar month (approximately $110 US Dollars).

The Madrasah has no official collectors. However, anyone wishing to contribute may forward their funds to directly deposit into our account.

Banking Details

Account Name: Madrassah Mueinul Islam
Account Number: 1103359622
Branch Code: 190742
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ


Acc Name: Madrasah Mueinul Islam
Acc No. 62759958055
Branch: 255355
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Please put your reference as Zakaat/lillah/students name
Please WhatsApp deposit slip to +27845000786 OR email to admin@mmisa.org


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