Since the Madrasah’s prime aim and vision is to create capable scholars for the Ummah, fees are stipulated to meet basic needs. Therefore, an annual fee is required to be paid in good time by the candidate. If the student is in financial constraints she should contact the authorities to discuss her specific case.

The fees are as follows:

This is for students enrolling for the first time at the Madrasah, whether for the first year class or any other. It amounts to R500.00 [Five Hundred ZAR].

This is a standard yearly fee for all students from the first year to the fifth year. It can be paid as a full payment or in installments. However, all fees should be paid up within the first six months of the academic year. The total amount is R19 500 [Nineteen Thousand Five Hundred ZAR]. (As of the year 2017)

In the event that applicants are unable to afford the entire amount, they may apply for a partial bursary. Here it will be expected that applicants provide sufficient justification for the acceptance of this bursary application which is granted as per the discretion of the institute and therefore not guaranteed. In exceptional cases a complete bursary may be granted and all fees waived.